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With more than 9300 questions and more than 2000 images, the Question Bank will allow teachers to quickly create handouts, quizzes, tests and more. The questions are organized by topic with intuitive names and are in neatly formatted Microsoft Word files. NOTE: There are no answers in this product.


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The Physics Classroom's Question Bank CD contains more than 9300 questions neatly organized according to topic. The Question Bank is the perfect tool for busy teachers who are users of The Physics Classroom website. Even if you don't use our website with your classes, the Question Bank CD will assist you in quickly putting together quizzes, tests and other documents with high-quality questions that target student's conceptions of physics principles. And if you do use The Physics Classroom website, the Question Bank CD is the perfect complement to the materials found at the website. The CD contains several Microsoft Word files that are neatly formatted and organized in folders with intuitive file and folder names. There are five different collections of questions. These collections are described on the CD Contents page. Additionally, the CD contains more than 2000 image files that have been saved as .png files (portable network graphics). The image files are the images that are used in the more than 9300 questions.

NOTE: Buyers should be aware that the download does NOT contain answers to the Questions. To prevent answers from ever becoming inadvertantly available to students, we do not distribute answers in any format.